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Joop van Ulden

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Joop van ULDEN
Kerkstraat 6
6971 AE Brummen
+31(0)575-560131 / +31(0)622511436
Ik heb geen vaste openingstijden maar op afspraak is iedereen altijd welkom

In juli 2018 is door “De Haaien” in opdracht van FBTO een video over mij en mijn adres gemaakt, klik op deze link om het te bekijken.
Dat zij mijn werk als hobby beschrijven is hun mening, ik ervaar dat anders, ik leef al bijna 50 jaar van het maken van keramiek.

A fine sultry summerevening
in the garden with good company
and a nice glass of wine.
enjoying the relaxing murmur of water
from a beautyful fountain.
That keeps me going.

In 1988 I started to move towards making waterornaments and fountainpebbles and since that time I developed a real fascination for ceramic fountains.
A fountain makes a difference in every garden or pond.
It creates a special atmosphere and a haven of peace and quiet in a garden.
A ceramic ball with running water will add an extra dimension to your pond.
There is also a complete set available that does not need a pond or a garden.
These sets include a tub and a pump and are suitable to be placed on a balcony or inside.
They are available in different sizes and colours.
My ceramics is fired at ± 1275 °C and is hardy.
All fountains are handmate and unique.
After consultation I do commissionwork as well. Some of the fountains can also be ordered in bronze.
In 2005 I made 3 models for Messner Benelux BV, they were produced in a limited edition in China in 2006.
They are available by the name of VivariART at exclusive gardencentres in The Netherlands, Belgium and France.
As an extra these sets have a LED light.

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